Lots of fun!

My host-siblings spent every other weekend at their dad’s house. We went out to eat at a German restaurant. We could eat German food, but nobody could speak German. Saturday, we had a family reunion. I got to know a lot of relatives! We had a beautiful afternoon. Afterwards, we went to drive go-carts. This is way less expensive than in Switzerland! That evening we went and bought popcorn and cookies to complete the evening with a movie. Sunday we went Kayaking! This was very funny!

There was a fire drill at school Monday. Well, that happened there from time to time. We went outside and the fire department came and went.
At the end of August we went to a baseball game. I think baseball is boring, but they sold Hot Dogs for $1. I went to the “Kentucky State Fair” with my grandparents and their exchange student from Norway (Lene). This Fair was huge! They also had a concert there that evening.

Fire drill at school

Baseball game

 Kentucky State Fair

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