Land between the Lakes

The next week, I went with Sam, Henry (friend), and his brother to the Land between the Lakes riding four-wheeler, camping, and grilling. As soon we got there we set up our tents and ate lunch. Afterwards we rode four-wheeler for a while. The trails there are awesome! Unfortunately, the brakes and chain on Henry’s four-wheeler broke. Sam and Henry tried to fix it and went to a store the next day but they couldn’t do anything. We collected some wood for the bonfire and cooked dinner. We took a bath in a creek. We can tell you: It was really cold! But it was also necessary after living 4 days in the dirt without taking a shower. A friend of Sam’s came down on Friday with a Jeep. But he stayed at a hotel 20 minutes away of the campsite. On Saturday Sam rode with him in the jeep. One night, at around 4 o’clock I moved to the truck because my neck hurt so badly and Henry’s brother was snoring. It wasn’t possible for me to sleep in the tent anymore. But in the truck I took a pretty good nap for a few hours. In the morning we took down the tents and we rode four-wheeler for a few hours. We left the campsite around 3:00pm and we were home at 7:30pm. I was so glad to get a hot shower and a bed. This trip was awesome!

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