The graduation came closer and we had a graduation practice day. This was pretty boring! We had to practice the same process again and again… The next day, the school awarded a lot people. I got an award in Cisco Networking. 

On Saturday, May 25th, was the graduation. We had to wear cap and gown and people had speeches. Then, we received the High School Diploma. This is for the American’s a very big deal, because they worked for that 12 years! Everybody wants to take pictures and the parents were really proud of their children. It was also a sad moment, because your mandatory school time is over and you have to say goodbye to your class mates. For me, it was also a reminder which said that my exchange year is going to end soon. 

In the night we had a project graduation. We played games, hung out with friends, and ate a lot. It was for me the last time I actually was in the school building and I saw lot friends the last time. I really enjoyed this night and we had a really good time! It was over at 5:00am.

The following Monday, me and Lene had a graduation party at my grandparents’ house. We were a lot people and we had a lot fun.

In the beginning of June we had the last YFU meeting. I saw again the other exchange students and we talked about our exchange year and our departure soon. 

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