Funny conversation

That’s a conversation I had with a girl:

She:                                                       Where are you from?
Me:                                                        I’m from Switzerland.
She:                                                       Ohhh sooo cool! Blablabla (More Questions)
I interrupt her:                                      Sweden?            
She:                                                       Oh sorry, where are you from?
Me:                                                        Switzerland!
She:                                                       Yeah! Blablabla (more questions)
I interrupt her again:                            Norway?
She:                                                       Ohh sorry I mean ……ehhhh…… Sweden
Me:                                                        ?????!!!!!!!!!
She:                                                       Sooorrrryy, you are from  …..ehhh…. where?
Me:                                                        Switzerland!!!!!!!!
She:                                                       Yes, you are from Switzerland.
I think:                                                  Why doesn’t she know that?
She:                                                       Blablablabla ….. and do you speak Swedish?
Me:                                                        NO I SPEAK GERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This should show you how hard it was to talk to people sometimes.

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