Differences betweeen USA and Switzerland

Now it was already September. I decided to write down all the differences compared to Switzerland:

You are going nowhere without a car. It is not possible to walk to the next grocery store. There are no public transportations. In school, we have the same schedule every day. I think that is pretty boring. The food in the school cafeteria is very cheap. You pay only $2.30 for lunch. In the hallways are staffs with walkie-talkies.  I often felt observed, restricted and controlled. You don’t have your own freedom like you have in Switzerland. The teachers are often very nice. They are sometimes like a friend. Phones are not allowed in school, not even between the classes or during lunch. Most people do not follow this rule, but it’s annoying because you have to watch out for teachers all the time. Even in the restrooms there are teachers! Often the students smoke in the restroom, but that is not surprising because you are not even allowed to leave school during lunch. They only have disposable silverware in the cafeteria. I had way less homework than I have in Switzerland. I had a lot of spare time! But a lot of people have jobs after school. At my school, were barely any windows and a lot clocks that did not work. The Americans are good in basketball, baseball, and football. But they are horrible in soccer. A lot of people own one or more dogs. But often they only have small ones. The fast food is normally very cheap. It is normal to have air conditioning. Most people have a gun in their house.

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