My entire exchange year was awesome! I had so many unforgettable experiences! I’m surprised how fast a year can pass by!
An exchange year brings a lot of advantages. An exchange student gets to learn a new culture and a new language. Students become friends with people all over the world and they get a second family. In other words, exchange students spend one year completely differently than they would in their home country. You probably become more flexible, independent, and discover new characteristic features of yourself. I noticed that my character has changed during this year. I have become more self-confident this year, and it has changed a lot in my life. What I have learned there is affecting my life in Switzerland too. Spending an exchange year in another country was the most unforgettable experience in my life.
It is important that you want to spend an exchange year, and not the parents. It is also important that you decide on a country you like and in which you are interested. Exchange students have to be ready to completely change their life. I know that is not as easy as it sounds, but it is possible. It is also possible that you will get homesick sometimes. To me, this wasn’t a problem. Sure, I sometimes thought about home, but I could never say that I was homesick.  YFU prepared us very well in case that we get homesick. I’d just say, don’t think too much about your home country and enjoy your life. YFU is always there for you if you have problems. To be one year far away from home sounds maybe after a long time for you, but I can tell you based on my experience that the time goes very fast during this special year.

Spending an exchange year is a unique opportunity which gives you experiences for your entire life. You receive a second life in a completely different country than you are used to. You get to know great people and you build friendships for your life. The first few weeks can be hard, because everything is new to you, but you get used to it pretty fast. Not everyone is capable of completing an exchange year. You should be open-minded and you should be aware that your life can change completely. My decision to spend an exchange year in the USA was probably the most important and at the same time the best decision I’ve ever made.

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